Elkin Showcase

Showcase Information
Dixon Auditorium Elkin High School
334 Elk Spur Street
Elkin, NC 28621

2:00 Performance One –Tumbling Showcase
3:15 Performance Two-Solo Showcase
4:00 Performance Three- Dance Showcase

Gymnastics Arrival time: 1:30
Solos Arrival Time: 2:45
Dancers Arrival Time: 3:30
Discovery: 3:45
Please come dressed and ready for your first dance
Discovery, Dazzle, & Sparkle (Have shoes in a Ziploc bag with name on shoes and bag. Have garment bag for accessories and tutu with name on everything)
Bring all accessories and we will take care of them and make sure everyone is the same.

GIRLS Hair & Make-Up
Hair: low ponytail in back with part on the left side over your heart. Bangs should be pulled back to not be in your face. Use Hair Spray to make sure hair stays. If cannot do ponytail due to length, can do a half up and half down or if too short be sure it’s out of your face.
Make up: Foundation that matches your skin. Eye shadow – use natural colors tan and browns look great, nothing bold, earth tone colors work best. Use black eye liner on top and bottom and black mascara. Lip stick mauve or roses color looks great.
BOYS as you are…be sure hair is out of the face and light accent of features if you feel it is needed
If your child is only in the second half of Showcase Three they can come backstage during intermission. If your child is not in the second half after they finished there dance one parent can come back and pick them up to watch and bring them back 4 # numbers before the Finale
Performance One Tumbling Showcase 2:30
1. Little Stars
2. Rising Stars
3. Shooting Stars
4. Super Stars

Performance Two Solos Showcase 3:15
1. Carson Nunnemaker- Love
2. Caitlin Hurt-Smell Like teen Spirt
3. Isabella Brumfield-My New Philosophy
4. Chloe Caudill-Supermarket Flower
5. Claire Grider-Look At Me Now
6. Kalyca Mastin-Young and Beautiful
7. Molly Gibson-Right Now
8. Hannah Staes-Life of the Party
9. Caitlin Hurt-Sound of the Bugle
10. Aubree Dobson- Jolene
11. Savannah Mabe- Wake me up
12. Sierra Crabb-I saw her standing there
13. Lacey King- Willow
14. Peyton Doby- Party People
15. Cheyenne Brinegar-Lightweight
16. Eden Willis- Broadway Baby
17. Zoe Davis- Call me a Princess

Performance Three Dance Showcase 4:00

1. New York, New York Diamond Tap – Tuesday 6:00 pm
2. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows Discovery Tuesday & Thursday 5:30
3. California Girls
4. Eeyore’s Lullaby Dazzle Ballet A – Tuesday 6:00 pm
5. Still I Rise Carson Nunnemaker (Senior Solo)
6. Barbossa is Hungry Pointe – Tuesday 8:45 pm
7. Candy Girl Dazzle/Sparkle Tap B – Thursday 6:30 pm
8. I Love Senoritas Ruby Jazz/Hip Hop – Thursday 6:30 pm
9. Guardan’s Inferno Sparkle Tap A – Tuesday 6:30 pm
10. Home Diamond Ballet – Tuesday 6:30 pm
11. Who Let the Dogs Out Dazzle/Sparkle Tap C – Monday 6:30 pm
12. Waltz of the Doll Dazzle/Sparkle Ballet B – Thursday 6:00 pm
13. Storybook Ruby Ballet – Thursday 5:45 pm
14. Waving Through a Window
15. We Fall in Love Aubree Dobson– (Petite Miss Dance USA)
16. Raindrops keep falling on my head Sparkle Ballet A – Tuesday 6:00 pm
17. Walk the Dinosaur Dazzle Tap A – Tuesday 6:30 pm
18. The Greatest Showman Diamond Jazz/Hip Hop – Tuesday 7:30 pm
19. 10 min Intermission
20. Stuff Like That There
21. Mr. Postman Ruby Tap – Thursday 7:00 pm
22. UpTown Funk Sparkle Jazz/Hip Hop A – Tuesday 5:30 pm
23. Funkytown Rock Stars Jazz/Hip Hop – Tuesday 7:00 pm
24. Stelar Swing
25. Feel it Still Dazzle/Sparkle Jazz/Hip Hop C – Monday 5:30 pm
26. Choo Choo Ch Boogie Ruby Tap – Thursday 7:00 pm
27. Who Was That Lady Claire Grider Senior Solo
28. Girl Party Dazzle/Sparkle Jazz/Hip Hop B – Thursday 5:30 pm
29. Here I Am Caitlin Hurt Senior Solo
30. Imagination
31. Summertime Sadness Arianna Collins
32. Battle Field
33. Heal Cheyenne Brinegar
34. Small Town Dazzle/Sparkle Ballet C – Monday 6:00 pm
35. Trndsttr Boys Jazz/Hip – Tuesday 5:30 pm
36. 10,000 Reasons
37. Finale